Daily Self Care For TEENS



  • 9 hours Nightly
  • Stop using all electronics (TV, computer, phone, etc.) at least 60 minutes before you try to go to sleep.
  • Read a book or magazine just before going to sleep (to get your mind off the concerns of the day).


  • Healthy food at least 3 times/day
  • Protein in a.m.
  • Don’t go long-periods of time without eating.
  • Stay away from sugars.


  • Move around a little more than you do now, at least 20-30 minutes, most days.
  • Exercise helps mood and anxiety and sleep.

Enjoyable Activity

  • Do something you enjoy every day, & pay full attention to it while you’re doing it.

Slow, Deep, Rhythmic Breathing

Do Something For Another Person or Cause – Hold the door open for someone, carry the groceries into the house for your parent, listen deeply to a friend, volunteer somewhere, run an errand for a teacher at school, help your sibling with their homework. These are examples of helping someone in your life. When we choose to truly help another person, it is hard to feel depressed, angry or anxious.

Express Your Feelings In Some Way – Maybe you write lyrics, poems, or just journal, do art, make music, write a song, talked to a trusted friend or parent or counselor, colored, doodled, or whatever. It’s important to make use of your mood/anxiety and transform it by expressing it in a healthy way.


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