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Medical Professionals Struggling with Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Medical Professionals, such as Physicians, Nurses, Dentists, Therapists, Pharmacists, and Others who provide direct patient care, struggle with accessing substance abuse services because of the professional consequences they may face in disclosing their condition. The Bay Area medical community is a surprisingly small network of interconnected providers. Given this circumstance, asking for help from within the community you are a part, presents perceptual risks to one’s reputation and sense of livelihood.

Having gone through this challenge in my own career, I am intimately aware and knowledgeable about how difficult this process can be. However, with thoughtful and precise treatment planning, a medical professional can acquire the treatment necessary to effectively and confidentially address their condition.

My services are highly confidential, and I will do everything I can to preserve your status in the medical community throughout our work together. If you are involved in a Diversion Program, my services can serve as a complementary adjunct to your Diversion Plan, as well as an opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle following diversion as you enter back into the workplace.

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