standing together


My best therapists have always told me how they think, feel, and believe – about whatever I am facing. I won’t lecture you (at least I’ll try not to), but I will let you know what I’m thinking and feeling about whatever issue you bring into therapy. I want therapy to be valuable for you and a positive experience, not someone just nodding at everything you say and asking about feelings. I believe you deserve the truth of my thoughts.

I have primarily worked with teenagers since 1995. While in graduate school I worked at two Bay Area psychiatric hospitals for adolescents. After St. Mary’s and Alta Bates Hospitals, I worked in outpatient clinic settings. At present, I work for a Kaiser Medical Center in the Department of Child Psychiatry, and enjoy my own private practice 2 days/week in Alameda, CA. I have led Kaiser’s weekly Teen Depression Group since 2002, and served as the Chairperson for Best Practices for Treating Adolescent Depression for 6 years.

I  completed my training in EMDR Therapy in June 2020, and look forward to using this method for people with single or multiple traumas, as well as for those struggling with ordinary roadblocks. I am also certified in the FLASH Technique.

I strive to make therapy simple and straightforward. In our work together, I will draw upon my education and training, however my goal is to meet you at the intersection of our life experiences. I present my authentic self, which is essential to my work, especially when working with Teens. Most Teens can detect an adult who is trying to be “cool” or being false.

In terms of my real life experience, I was adopted twice as a child and therefore can speak from experience about attachment and abandonment issues. I also lived through several medical traumas as a child and tween, and can relate to health and medical issues you (or a loved one) may be facing. Lastly, I have been in recovery from alcohol/drug abuse for many years, so can legitimately empathize with addictive behaviors in your life, and how addiction affects family and friends. I am closely connected to the Buddhist recovery and 12 Step communities here in the Bay Area.

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