The Sweet 16: Lessons From 2017

These are collected wisdoms I gathered from various mentors, friends, and teachers in 2017. I encourage you to write down your own list of wisdoms, lessons learned, and deep truths gathered along your way. They can become the principles upon which you live your life.

1. When the pain begins, Fall into the arms of God (whatever God means to You).
2. Now the real work begins (once you’ve overcome an obstacle).
3. Do I believe I deserve to be in pain?
4. What are my motives?
5. You were not abandoned, you belong to the World.
6. There is no solution, because there is no problem.
7. Attraction rather than promotion (in romance).
8. Friendship = two people aligned in purpose
9. It’s not about being right, it’s about being real.
10. Who were you before your story?
11. Say YES to “all of it.”
12. Self pity = SELF-centered
13. Who made the brain in-charge?
15. Stay in the feelings, not the story.
16. Be “awareness”

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