Advice for Young People Interested in Becoming a Therapist?

  • Make the most of your high school experience (academics, teacher/mentors, activities, sports, arts).
  • Make the most of this time in your life.
  • Only engage in healthy friendships.
  • Treat your body with great respect (exercise, eat good food, no sodas, eat breakfast, wait a while to have sex, get 9 hours of sleep…).
  • Don’t do drugs/alcohol – take care of your brain.
  • Volunteer with special populations (Special Olympics, homeless, animal shelter, church, hospitals…).
  • Develop healthy activities other than screentime (art, writing, music, exercise, cooking, reading, poetry, martial arts, sports, meditation).
  • Consider talk therapy for yourself if you struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, a medical problem, and/or any serious stress in your life.
  • Learn Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog or Arabic so that you can work with diverse populations.
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