Empathy and Cell Phones

When a mom looks at her baby and smiles, you often see the baby smile. When you see a dad hold his baby and frown, you see the baby frown or make an unusual face. When you see a skateboard crash-video on YouTube, you wince in pain as you somehow feel what happens to the Read More >

Advice for Young People Interested in Becoming a Therapist?

Make the most of your high school experience (academics, teacher/mentors, activities, sports, arts). Make the most of this time in your life. Only engage in healthy friendships. Treat your body with great respect (exercise, eat good food, no sodas, eat breakfast, wait a while to have sex, get 9 hours of sleep…). Don’t do drugs/alcohol Read More >

Suggestions for Parents & Families: Developing Empathic Children

Label feelings in order for your child to develop an emotional vocabulary, promoting an understanding of self-experience, as well as “other” experience. Another way to teach your child to understand and define their emotions is to have a “feeling of the week.” Each week, put up on the refrigerator or bulletin board a picture of Read More >

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