Silence: The Cure for Loneliness During Shelter In-Place

I have struggled with loneliness during the pandemic shelter in-place. Conscientious social distancing, turns into social isolation, which culminates into being alone. It’s okay to be alone, but it doesn’t feel good to be forced to be alone. The is where loneliness emerges. It is not just me who feels this way. I have heard Read More >

This Fall…Meet Them Where They Are: Educating During COVID

As a clinical psychologist, working primarily with high school-age teenagers, I have heard first-hand what it has been like to be a student during COVID-19. Boredom, low motivation, apathy, distractions, no structure, minimal parent understanding of tech, difficulty comprehending material offered online without actual in-person instruction, no peer influence motivating performance (social desirability) = the Read More >

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