Issues Associated with Adults

Adults struggle with a great variety of life problems, which goes without saying in this complex and tumultuous world. Most people who present in my practice usually struggle with depression, work issues, identity crises, marriage , family and relationship problems, alcohol & substance abuse issues, as well as other addictive behaviors. Furthermore, I have also worked with Adults who battle medical illnesses, face issues related to death and dying, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Similar to working with Teens who are depressed, Adult depression always involves covering the basics such as lifestyle and behavioral management, diet, sleep, exercise, healthy daily activities, relationship choices, and thinking patterns. Often adults need to work through unresolved life issues and may need to closely examine how trauma plays a role in their depressed mood. Issues related to gender and culture can sometimes delay a person seeking treatment, therefore I always consider these factors in treating Men/Women from unique cultural/ethnic/religious/political backgrounds.

In terms of Adults struggling with alcohol & substance abuse and/or recovery from any addiction – my work focuses on non-judgment, education, encouraging 12 step recovery, abstinence, empathy and support, and when necessary seeking specialized drug/addiction rehabilitation. To effectively treat your condition, I will draw upon my own experience in recovery, as well as my clinical experience in treating people with addiction.

I want to especially recognize my openness to working with people who identify as lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT).  Furthermore, I welcome working with people of color, and will attempt to use my moderate Spanish speaking skills when applicable.

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