The Sweet 16: Lessons From 2017

These are collected wisdoms I gathered from various mentors, friends, and teachers in 2017. I encourage you to write down your own list of wisdoms, lessons learned, and deep truths gathered along your way. They can become the principles upon which you live your life. 1. When the pain begins, Fall into the arms of Read More >

Empathy and Cell Phones

When a mom looks at her baby and smiles, you often see the baby smile. When you see a dad hold his baby and frown, you see the baby frown or make an unusual face. When you see a skateboard crash-video on YouTube, you wince in pain as you somehow feel what happens to the Read More >

Advice for Young People Interested in Becoming a Therapist?

Make the most of your high school experience (academics, teacher/mentors, activities, sports, arts). Make the most of this time in your life. Only engage in healthy friendships. Treat your body with great respect (exercise, eat good food, no sodas, eat breakfast, wait a while to have sex, get 9 hours of sleep…). Don’t do drugs/alcohol Read More >

Suggestions for Parents & Families: Developing Empathic Children

Label feelings in order for your child to develop an emotional vocabulary, promoting an understanding of self-experience, as well as “other” experience. Another way to teach your child to understand and define their emotions is to have a “feeling of the week.” Each week, put up on the refrigerator or bulletin board a picture of Read More >

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